The Most Expensive Number Plates  

If there is a way of reflecting the diversity of a private number plate on used cars or new cars  it is through the corresponding price tag that comes with the plate. There are many private plates that range from hundred pounds to the more eminent private number plates that cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, even millions. These cherished number plates have been sold at costly prices over generations not just for private ownership but also for business purposes.

Generally, these expensive number plates are often characterized by their age, individual’s initials or single number that makes them unique from other plates. Here is a complied list of world’s most expensive number plates sold across the world.

  1. World’s most expensive number plate – Number 5

At the start of our top five most expensive plates ever sold is “VIP 1”. Fittingly, this plate corresponds to one of the richest people in the world. The plate was sold to Billionaire, Roman Abramovich at 285,000 pounds. Initially this plate was commissioned to be placed on Pope’s automobile for Pope John Paul II visit to Ireland, but the Chelsea boss snapped the plate in 2006 before Pope used it. Truly, the plate is worth to be among the world most expensive car number plates ever sold.

  1. World’s most expensive number plate – Number 4

The “M 1” number plate belonging to Mike McCoomb is the second plate in this category. The “M 1” was sold at a stunning 330,000 pounds in 2006. After Mike made his fortune in 2000 by selling his Mobile Phone store to BT Cellnet, he decides to buy this cherished number plate reportedly on his son’s sixth birthday in2006. By calculation, this leaves this young lad with at least four year more before enjoying the services of the plate. Of course, the dad is enjoying using the plate for now.

  1. World’s most expensive number plate – Number 3

The “F 1” was sold at an outstanding 440,000 pounds to Afazal Khan in United Kingdom in 2008. The Bradford entrepreneur smashed the record previously held by Mike McCoomb by buying “F 1” at 440,000 pounds, making it the expensive plate ever sold in the Great Britain. He attached the plate on his new Mercedes SLR McLaren.

  1. World’s most expensive number plate – Number 2

At number 2, we have “5” which is worth 3.5 million pounds. The “5” is owned by Talal Ali Mohammed Khoury of Abu Dhabi after he broke the world record for the most expensive number plate ever bought when he paid 25 million Dirham, an equivalent of 3.5 million pounds in 2007. He also splashed another 800,000 pound for “55’’ lately on the same auction to mark his territory.

  1. World’s most expensive number plate – Number 1

At the top of the most expensive number plates is “1”. It was sold at 7 million pounds to Saeed Abdul Ghaffar of Abu Dhabi in 2008. He demolished the world record that was set by Talal in the previous year in style by doubling the price of what Talal had paid for “5”. When asked, he said he bought the plate simply because “1” is the best number one can ever have. When asked to disclose the lucky car that the plate was going to be place, he refused to point it out, but with his many luxury cars, probably it is his new Bugatti Veron that will have the pleasure of hanging the plate.

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