Famous Celebrity Registration Number Plates

Every now and again, people tend to go out of their way in trying to upgrade their car in some way be it in Belfast or anywhere else. Whether it be a new radio, a new car colour, some new seats, or even some tyres. Whatever the change is, people love to make something their own which is why in recent years many individuals, including celebrities have decided to add a new form of personalisation to their car – car registration plates. Yes, registration plates have been around for many years but having the opportunity to personalise one specifically for your own car is pretty spectacular. Of course a lot of people who have decided to follow this craze decided to go all out when it came to choosing what you wanted it to say, which is why we have put together a list of the best car registration(s) plates ever that have been owned by celebrities.

So let us get started;

Paul Daniels;

For those of you who don’t know, Paul Daniels is a world famous magician. So could you take a guess at what his registration plate said? Although this may not be too surprising, the plate read MAG 1C. However, this plate was never personally made by the man himself. In fact, he bought the registration plate along with the Ferrari it came with after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper.

Amir Khan;

This next individual is known for being a boxing sensation and unlike Mr. Daniels, Khan felt having your own personal registration plate was a must for any car which is why he decided to get one made for himself. Of course when it came to choosing a name, he didn’t go too far from his career; in fact he went pretty damn close. The name he chose was BOX IIIG’.

Robbie Williams;

We have all heard of I’m sorry cards or I’m sorry cakes, but have you ever heard of a sorry registration plate? You have now. After Robbie Williams spent so much on a Ferrari, he thought the best way to apologise to his fans was by having his registration plate read S8 RRY’. It is hard to say whether the apology worked because he was soon seen driving a moped instead. Oh well, I guess the word sorry isn’t as useful when it is written on a car.

Chris Tarrant;

It is quite common once you get a dog or a cat, that it is named after something you love. But what if that wasn’t enough and you had to turn to your car registration plate instead? Well, that is exactly what the Who wants to be a millionaire’ presenter did. However, the name is chose might be something you would never think of. Tarrant decided to have the name CHU 8B’ written on it after his favourite kind of fish. What a catch.

Jimmy Tarbuck;

This particular man is known for being a world famous comedian. Therefore, what do you think his car registration plate says? You guessed it, it says COM IC. Pretty smart don’t you think?

Tommy Walsh;

This man is well-known for his gardening skills on his hit gardening programme called Ground Force. As we have seen recently, a lot of these celebrities tend to stick with what they are known for unless you want to be completely original like Mr. Williams. However Tommy Walsh decided he too was going to stick to what he is known for which is why his car registration plate reads MRD IY’.

Gordon Mills;

For those of you who don’t know, this man is responsible for the successful Tom Jones. In fact, he was Mr. Jones’ manager. Therefore when Mr. Mills decided he wanted to have a personalised number plate he decided it was going to represent no one that Tom himself. The plate read TJ BIG’ which stands for Tom Jones Big and from what he was made of his career he certainly is.

If you can, owning your very own personalised car registration plate can be pretty great. It gives you the opportunity to say whatever you want. Whether you want everyone to know what you do for a living, or in Robbie Williams case, to say sorry to fans. Either way it is the perfect way to make something your own and these individuals in particular have done just that. Of course there are many more registration plates where that came from but these are some that have really stood out over the years and I have a feeling the personal car registration frenzy is not going to being to an end anytime soon. Before you get a new fancy reg, you are are going to need a nice used car to put it on. You can find loads at www.everythingmotoring.com

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